Who we are

Automated Solutions, Inc. was formed back in 1990 to help companies with programming their CNC equipment. In 2003, TriMech Solutions wanted to broaden the scope of the company by offering expertise in the area of software for manufacturing. This lead to the joint venture and the newly formed division called TriMech Manufacturing, Inc. Now with 20 years of helping companies become more productive, TriMech Manufacturing has emerged as one of the strongest companies across the nation in implementing CAM software.

What we offer

Our focus is on assisting our clients with selecting and implementing Best-in-Class technology solutions to address their unique, industry specific needs:

  • On-site evaluation of CNC equipment and recommended solution
  • Demonstration of any and all products live or via webcast
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Dedicated individual training
  • Customized Post Processers for all your CNC equipment

Latest News

  • Look out for NEW FeatureCAM 2014!
  • FeatureCAM saves programming time at SilencerCo!
  • TriMech Manufacturing selected #1 FeatureCAM reseller in the United States for the 13th consecutive year.
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